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Real Estate Law

Real Estate business is one of Canada’s main pillars of economy. The market has continuously been the hot spot for investment and brought significant returns to many investors, however, it is also the area where fraud and litigation happen regularly and any participant in real estate business must take a cautionary approach to do such deals and find an experienced real estate lawyer to represent them.


Shui Luo has plenty of experience in representing clients on a variety of types of real estate transactions, including but not limited to industrial land, farm land, residential complex, cottage and school land.


Our service in relation to real estate law includes but is not limited to the following:


  • Purchase and sale of commercial real estate;

  • Purchase and sale of residential real estate;

  • Bank financing;

  • Private lending secured by mortgage;

  • Refinancing; and

  • Second mortgage


In addition to the foregoing, Shui Luo also has a lot of experiences in corporate and commercial law particularly relevant to real estate business, including but not limited to:


  • Drafting and reviewing shareholder agreement for corporations holding real estate interests;

  • Drafting and reviewing limited partnership agreement for limited partnerships holding real estate interests;

  • Drafting and reviewing joint venture agreement/co-ownership for joint ownership and development of real estate interests;

  • Drafting and reviewing development management agreement;

  • Drafting and reviewing property management agreement; and

  • Drafting and reviewing nominee agreement and beneficial interest agreement

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